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Arbon, life of William ... 13, 42, 74, 81 DEATHS, (continued.)
A Swedish Schoolmaster persecuted for Mr. John Wade ...

preaching the gospel ... ... ... 43 Mr. Thomas Wood

A pastoral letter ...

Mrs. Balduck ...

A dinner with the poor of Christ's flock... 130 • Mr. James Kelley

An Old Testament Reformer ,

Mr. William Gale

Allen, William, memorial of

200 Mr. James Castleden

Advice to God's ministers...

Mrs. Martha Fenner

A sharp attack and a sweet deliverance... Mr. John Epps...
An encouraging word to an afflicted min. Miss Anna Wells


ister ... ... ...

Mr. Thomas Belgrave


Mr. William Irving


Baptizing at Keddington ... ...

Mr. Padgett



Bedmont, new cause at ... ...

William Allen ...


Bexley Heath, origin of church at

Josiah Denham


Birmingham, Baptist cause at ...

Walter White


Bloomfield, John, second anniversary of Lawrence Smith ...


the pastorate of ... ... "
Broseley Jubilee ...

Editor's Address... ... 5,
Bunyan, John, visit to the birth place of 227 Ely, revival in the city of ...

Epps, John, of Brabourne...
Notting Hill, Chelsea, City Road, Mile Ebenezer Chapel, Widcome, Bath. ...
End, Gravesend, Bexley Heath, Over 50

Bermondsey ... ...
Poplar, Horsham, Sheerness ... ... 75 Egerton Forstall, Kent ... ..
Gravesend, East Street, Notting Hill,

Epistolary epistles to Theophilus 127, 153,
Little Marlow, Horsham ...

217, 223, 246
Northampton, Keddington, Holloway 148
Wooburn Green, Coggeshall, Hungary Fixation

... "
Hill, Rushden, Bexley Heath, &c.... 167 Friend, C. S., letter from ...
Poplar, Brighton .. ... ... 191 Fellowship of the saints ... ...
Chelmondiston, Wooton
Soho, Woolwich, Mount Zion, Welling Good words from William Bidder . :

boro', Trowbridge, Malmesbury, Hun Good Friday at Goldington-crescent

gary Hill, Islington, Halstead ... 266 | Gospel Oak, happy pair at ..
Castleden, James, death and funeral of ... 149 Hastings, opening of the Tabernacle at ...
Cheshunt, two bereavements at ... ... 24 Hazlemere, the Baptist cause at ...
Chelmsford, Essex... ...

141 Hints to a young man touching the min.
Cheltenham, Bethel Chapel ...

istry ...

Consolation for the bereaved widow

Help for a poor worm ... ... ... 254

Christ our passover ... ...
Consolatorý Epistle to a bedridden sa Idol of the day, the
Comforting words to a Christian ... ... 185 Israel's future restoration... ...
Crying to God out of deep waters

... 248
Crying out of the belly of hell ... ... 187 Jacob chosen, Jacob chastened, Jacob
Cumming's Dr. Theology examined ... 236 crowned ...

-Enquiry into the ministry 253 Joy for sorrow ...
Did Judas partake of the Lord's Supper 9 Kent-street Sunday Schools ... ...
Deacons, the true position of ...


Devonport, Good News from ... 98 Last of Dr. Hawker's children ...

Deep things brought out of darkness... 286 Letters from West of England 109, 146, 183


Letter from Mr. John Turner ... ...

Mr. Rudman
Mr. John Sibree ... ...

... 57 Martin Luther to Erasmus on predestina-

Mr. Joseph Hammond ...

... 57 tion .......


Mrs. Charlotte Gillmore

Mount Zion, enlargement and removal of 27
Mr. Thomas H. Burton...

- meeting at ... ... ... 169

Mr. Cromwell ...

123 M'Cure, John Bunyan, Letter from ... 104

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Mercy and Judgment ... .. ... 221 The beauties of the Bible
Marvellous Conversion of an old sinner ... 285

.. 173, 205
The past and the present ..

Mystery of mercy manifested ... ..
489 | The righteous acts of God

Memorials of departed Saints, (See Deaths.) The

The believer's right to, and way of Sal-

Napthali, and his possession

vation ..

The daily morning sacrifice .. ..

Ninth plot of the Devil against the Church 133

The departure of 1854, and the coming

Notices from the Churches

of 1855 ..

Newton's conversion and death ..

Treatment of the last victim of Popery in


Open communion and baptism

Trowbridge, Bethel Chapel

Our Sunday-school teachers ..

Two qualifications for the ministry

Ordination of Mr. S. K. Bland, ..

Tydeman, Joshua, death of .. .. 225

G. Elven

R. G. Edwards.

. 36 Underhill, the late Mr. John

James Jay


.. "117 Unicorn Yard and Crosby Row ..

. 10

R. S. Tanner ..

.. 118
W. Bracher ..

Victory : or the vessel that must carry
I. Atkinson ..

you safely over

J. Cartwright ..

Valuable v, invaluable diamond .. 191

W. Winslow ..

W. Tiddy .

Wall's, Mr., successful ministry at Rye . 96

We have a salvation in our precious Lord 8

Poor Heman's sad complaint

Where is your faith? ..

Present conflicts and coming events

Wooburn Green, the cause at .. 71, 228

Present conflict of nations.. ..

Predestination and creature responsibility 107

Prisoners of hope .. ri ". "


Rehoboth Chapel, Regent-st. .. .. 31 A clean bird in an unclean cage..
Reading, the cause of truth at ..... 241 A poem addressed to a young minister :: 91
Roberts, Mr., the baptist missionary .. A wounded saint in Christ's garden .

Amazing Grace
Review of”Predicted Events,” &c.

Be still, and know that I am God ..
“The Field and the Garner,".

Heavenly heirship
Recognition. (See ORDINATION.)

Lines addressed to Mr. Luckin .. ..

Lines on the Death of Mr. Rudman 49, 76
Surrey Tabernacle, History of ..

- Mr. J. Arnold ... 20
om Meeting at .*

Mrs. Banks ..
Soho Chapel, History of .. ...

Mr. Chapman ..

Sibree, John, passing over Jordan

Mr. W. Allen ..

Some of the streams which make glad

Mr. Putley

city of our God

- Lawrence Smith. O
Sinim Prophecy, the ..' ..

Looking unto God

. .. .. 284

the land of

My Jesus


a look into the land of




.. !

.. 234 I suffer it to baso now

Solomon's throne and the six steps .. The late William Gadsby and John Hurst
Sorrow and Salvation i.

The old conflict
Smith, Lawrence, Account of it ..

The Christian holding converse with the

Spurgeon, Mr., Review of the Ministry of 277

Saviour.ii. .,. . .

at the grave of Mr. Denham . 244

The residence of Peace ..

Spiritual Wine-Press :: ... 170, 193 The garments of Salvation .. ..

Short Notices of New Works ..

The Lord that healeth thee

The perfection of love ..

The Kingdoms of Nature and Grace

The hour of the Son of God

The Elder Son and the Prodigal .. .. Toil on earth—triumph in heaven

The open valley; the dry bones; and the To die is gain .. ..

breath of God

Thoughts on the mercy of God ..

The joyful sound, and the awful sound..

Thoughts on the death of a Wiltshire

The loss of the roll.. .

Maiden .. ..

The world's confusion, and the coming

Thou shalt never want a friend ..

Restorer ..

What shall I render unto the Lord ? .. 76

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Dhe Carthen Vessel.


In commencing the tenth volume of the borders thereof. This may be termed pride

EARTHEN VESSEL, we must write a few and ambition. Let the jealous critic term it - lines by way of preface or introduction. what he please, we write under a sense of se

Without any ceremony, we shall endeavour cret gratitude, of humble adoration, of feeble to throw all we, at present, wish to say, thankfulness; and while we thus pen these under the five following heads :-1. Our broken sentences, our spirits are ready to Gratitude. II. Our Confession. III. Our burst forth in strains of gladness and triumph, Consolation. · IV. Our Determination. v. while we look in a three-fold direction : first, Our Design,

backward, upon the dark and mysteriously tryI. Our Gratitude.- When we reflect upon ing path in which we have had to tread; yet, our mean original—the heavy tide of preju- have neither been lost, cast away, nor desdice ever beating against us - and the mass troyed : no; but spared, to prove that "the of imperfections which have attended our blood of Jesus CHRIST, God's dear Son, progress—we are no less surprised than cleanseth (even) us, from all sin;" and thankful in contemplating this two-fold fact spared to spread abroad the precious savour -first, that no less than three-hundred and of his all-glorious name. Secondly, we look ninety-two thousand copies of the EARTHEN downward upon the many unhappy spirits VESSEL have been circulated during the last who-under satanical and carnal influencenine years, secondly, that in some humble have lifted up their powers, with a deadly measure, testimonies illustrative and confirm- | aim to dash us to atoms, and for ever to exatory of “ THE TRUTH,” (either in doc- tinguish both our efforts and our zeal. But trine, in experience, or in practice,) have, the Lord reigneth. We did not run unsent: by its instrumentality, been published in all | --we did not enter into the vineyard of ourdirections; and the blessing of heaven has selves :—we did not first choose our Master accompanied the same. To a merciful, and our work :-our most righteous Lord righteous, and compassionate Jehovah, and Master did himself choose, call, and put FATHER,' WORD, and SPIRIT — be all the us into that particular sphere of labour for glory given. “ Hitherto the Lord hath helped which he has wisely fitted us: here we us." He hath helped us in the bestowment stand; and upheld by his omnipotent arm, of new-covenant mercies ; he hath helped us we shall neither perish nor be paralysed; in constraining thousands to aid in the circu- but, in our small and quiet manner, hope to lation of this work; he hath helped us in endure unto the end; and to finish our every season of pecuniary difficulty; he hath course with joy. Thirdly, we look forward ; helped us in causing us to be useful to many, and sometimes earnestly anticipate the result and not a few to be useful to us. What, of all our conflicts in a little harvest of real then, shall we render unto the Lord for all success in the dispensation of the glad tidings his goodness bestowed upon us ! Not only of pardon and peace by the finished work of would we most gladly “ take the cup of sal- the great Captain of our salvation. In the vation, and call upon his holy name;" but grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we hope to we would, the Eternal Spirit helping, take grow stronger and stronger : to himself and the glorious gospel of the ever-blessed God | his service, we hope to be more and more in our hearts, and by our tongue and pen sincerely devoted ; and, although the rest of would publish and proclaim the exceeding our days should be spent among widowed and and unsearchable riches of our ever-blessed despised churches ; amid the unevangelised Covenant Head in every destitute crook, and localities and ruralities of our land ; and in every benighted corner of this triple-jointed a pilgrimatic mission from east to west, and portion of the moral creation, until it could north to south ; still, even in such an almost be said England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, untrodden course, would we pray to be found and their dependencies, have had the gospel faithful; and thereby to our sovereign King, preached unto them, even unto the remotest evince the genuineness of our faith, the purity

Vol. X.-No. 108.-January, 1854.

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