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VOL. 56.-No.1.] LONDON, SATURDAY, Oct. 1, 1825. [Price 6d.

Published every Saturday Morning, at Seven o'Clock.

my readers will have so justly

complained of; but, hence also

my deep mortification at having

thus to contemplate the disfigured

features of the first-born of my

dramatic muse. My readers and
Tuis COMEDY, in three acts, I are, therefore, fellow-sufferers
was, in the last Register, printed in this untoward case. But there
in a very bad manner, owing to is a still greater calamity to me:
shortness of time, more than half I was compelled to leave out sove-
of it having been taken away from ral very interesting incidents,
me, page by page, by the printer's and even several characters,
boy, from a room in the shop- amongst which there was an aw-
house in noisy Fleet-street. The tully-interesting ghost; and thus,
printers were compelled to cram by passing these over, to do grcat
it into two sheets; and though injustice, which it is, I hope, con-
they cried loud enough, I was trary to my nature voluntarily to
compelled to steel my heart against do. The thing, at present, is, to
their entreaties to divide the mat- retrieve the injury; and this is
ter. In addition to this was an what I have, with that intention,
unevenness in the size of the paper now done. The page is of the
forthe unstamped Register. Hence usual width, but not of the usual
the long page, the small print, length, it being much longer than
and all those awkwardnesses that will admit of binding up with the

Printed and Published by C.CLEMENT, No. 183, Fleet-street,


rest of the volume. I have, there coverture." I did think, at one fore, now re-printed the Comedy time, of making Anna a widow; upon three sheets instead of two, but when I reflected ou the late and in a form that will make it decision at Bow-street, with regard suit for binding up with the other to Mr. Clement, how was I to numbers of the volume. This has be sure that this might not pull enabled me to introduce, to stick me up on a charge of instigation in, those interesting incidents and to murder? Besides, when I characters, which typical neces- came to look at the thing soberly, sity compelled me, last week, to I could not, though Anna does, in exclude. I am told, that the rule her sheet, talk of men's paunches, of the stage is, that every comedy bring my mind to the commission must close with a wedding. But of so cruel an act as that of pubthough I am far from holding, with lishing the banns between her and the renowned Doctors Black and this offensive“new-dropped ball.” Macculloch, that all the women I might, I dare say, have, with of Ireland ought to remain barren little trouble, found a fit help-mate for the next ten or fifteen years, for him amongst those “ladiesI did not like to force a woman to who so cheeredhim at Cork, marry, especially with such “a when," looking up to them in the new-dropped ballas “ Counsel gallery," he so modestly" conlor Brick.” I had but one female fessed," that he “ in my comedy, and, unfortunately " Redesdale, a stout special pleadfor me, she was a married woman; er;" I might, I dare say, have, and when I saw that the Cork as- without much injustice, taken alsemblage were so electrified" most any one of these, hooked her at the words “virtuous Burdett,” on to him, and dispached the I feared they might make a han- loving pair into the world, there, dle of my coupling a woman with as Swift says, my hero, “notwithstanding her “ To starve and stink together;"

was, like Lord

but, when I considered what is in town or country, leave to act, due to the sex as a whole, I could for private or public entertainment, not bring my heart to consent to my Comedy, in three Acts, entitled let my pen couple with this “new- " Big O and Sir Glory; or, dropped ball” any thing bearing Leisure to Laugh;" and for the even the form of woman; and I benefit of the Sister Kingdom, I do declare, upon niy word and hereby not only give the same honour, that I should think it little leave with respect to her, but I short of a crime to force into bis also hereby give leave, to all embraces one of those ladies," manner of printers and publishers which the Syffolk people call in Ireland, to reprintand republish mawkses, which the Hampshire the said comedy, in any size, form, people call shoyoys, and which or manner that to them shall seem are stuck up in the pea-fields and most meet. cherry-trees to frighten off the rooks and sparrows. Thus it is N. B, 2d.-Errors in the First that my comedy is without a wed- Edition of the Comedy. In page ding-a thing which I deeply re- 799, it should have been“ wished gret, but for which I have none me not to sell"instead of “ wished but the above apologies to offer. me to sell.— In page 787, it

" Mistress The price of the Comedy, new should have been edition, will still be that of the Docket," and not " Mr. Docket," Register, Sixpence; and it may to whom Anna had been openi be had at the office in Fleet-street, her heart respecting her ardent and through all the usual channels affection for Thwaites. of the Register.-Some copies, on

WM. COBBETT. very fine paper, at Is. each.

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vocates, the eulogists, and, to the

best of their dark and deep abi

lities, the supporters. Before, SCOTCH QUANDARY.

however, I come to the quandary

in which these renowned feeloKinsington 26th Sept. 1825. sofers are now placed, I must For some days past my atten. notice, and very fully too, what tion has been drawn away from took place at the house of the Old the Scotch feeloso'ers and the Old Lady on the twenty-second instant. Lady by my pursuits in the dra- She held on that day a grand levee, matic line, which being somewhat which she calls a “court;" and, new to me, has had those allure- having got her courtiers about her, ments which are well known to she proposed, she told them, to belong to the charms of variety. make a division of her good things Having, now, however, pretty well amongst them. Her courtiers seem " settled" the brief of Mr. Coun- to be of a rather curious descripsellor Brick, and left all my friends tion; for some of them seized this of that description in as comfort- opportunity for making an inquiry able a state as I possibly could into the sate of her affairs. They leave them, I have “ leisure to put questions to her of a very laugh," not altogether indeed so stupid nature to be sure; and they heartily as Big O must laugh, but onnitted to put others, which would heartily enough to satisfy a mo- have been pertinent enough. derately minded man like me. I However, the shortest way is, first mean to laugh at the Scotch feelu- to give the published account of sofers, upon the prospect which the whole transaction, and then to we now have of seeing blown

comment upon

it. above half way to the devil that

" Yesterday a General Court system of paper-money, of which of he Conpany of the Bank of

“ England was held, for the purthey have so long been the ad-“ pose of' announcing a Dividend

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