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A Monthly Magazine of

October, 1920—March, 1921
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Volume XIII.
October, 1920-March, 1921

[Titles of articles appear in italics)

I.—Indicates pages In first half of volume.
II.—Refers to pages in second half of volume.

ACOUSTIC'S rectified by sound photography,

It.. 16O.

Activities in Scandinavian Countries, II., 81.
ADRIATIC dispute, settlement of, I.. 402.
AERIAL mail, postage stamps for, II.. 263.
Affairs in the British Dominions, II., 91.
Affairs in the British Empire, I., 411.
Affairs in the Low Countries, I., 272.
Affairs in Scandinavian Countries, II., 524.
AFRICA. American trade with. Increased,

II., 31.r>.

Agrarian Reforms in Rumania, I., 248. AGRICULTURAL losses of Germany, I., 357. AGRICULTURE, American, greatest era in.

I.. 210.

AGUINALDO. Emillo. on Philippine independence, I., 112.

AIR MAIL, transcontinental. I., 38.
Aircraft Secrets of the War, II., 404.
ALAND Islands controversy, I., 420.
Alaska's Past and Present, IL, 433.
ALBANIA complains of Serbia to the Italian

Government, I., 81; petitions United

States for recognition, I., 434. ALESSANDRI, Arturo, elected President of

Chile, I.. 397. Allied Agreement on the German Indemnity,

IL, 417. ALONSO, Fernandez, elected President of

Bolivia, IL, 348.

ALSACE, administration of, I., 85.
America as a World Tyrant, I., 497.
AMERICAN Agriculture, greatest era In,

I.. 210.

AMERICAN Army activities, I., M. American and British Naval Preparations,

II.. 377.

American Developments, II.. 21. AMERICAN naval expansion, I., M. American Negro in France, II., 479. American Occupation of Haiti, I., 343. American Occupation of Santo Domingo, I.,


American Powers in Panama, IL, 449.
American Rule in Santo Domingo, IL, 395.
AMERICAN Shipping Law, new, I., Ill.
American Socialists and Moscow, I., 16.

American .Trade with Africa Increased
Seven-fold, II.. 315.

AMERICA'S First Radio Pilot Cable, I., 30. America's War in North Russia, IL, 287. America's "World War Against Disease, I., 131.

AMNESTY asked for U. S. soldiers who had committed slight offenses, Ir.. 191.

Among the Nations, I., 57.

ANDERSON, William H., "Results of National Prohibition," I., 335.

ANGLO-French Entente, cementing of, II., 95.

ANTARCTIC, six years In, I., 500.

Anti-Japanese Issue in California, II., 454.

ANTI-Japanese Land Law, I., 9.

ANTWERP, Belgium, scene of Olympic Games, I., 71.

Armed Forces of Chile and Her Neighbors, H., 45.

Armenia and the Caucasus Tangle, Ir.. 518.

Armenia Overwhelmed by Enemies, II., 89.

ARMENIA Sovletlzed, Ir.. 338.

ARGENTINA, Socialist element in, I., 108; Agrarian policies, I., 292; withdrawal from League of Nations Assembly, IL, 7; tariff war with U. S. predicted, II.. 347.

Attitude of the Japanese Government, I., 11.

ATWOOD, Colonel William G., "Jugoslavia's Resources and Beauty," II.. 278.

AUSTRALIA, exclusion of Japanese Immigrants, I.. 2; population of, I.. 60; military defense scheme, I., 282; industrial peace bill, I., 416; protest against high prices, II.. 92.

Australia and New Zealand, II., 313; IL, H02.

Australia's Laws Against Asiatics, II., 459.

AUSTRIA, monarchist plots in, I., 77; elections and new Cabinet, IL, 107; desperate situations In. II., 234.

AUSTRIAN-Russian Treaty, I., 48.

AUSTRIAN warships, fate of, IL, 272.

AUTONOMY granted by Great Britain to Egypt, I.. 21.

AVIATION, a year's progress in, IL. 427.


Baltic States at Peace, IL, 517.

Bankruptcy and Terrorism in Hungary, I.. 248.

BANKS, William, "Canada's National Status," I., 319.

Bare Facts About Santo Domingo, II.. 399.

BARKER, J. Ellis. "Germany's Economic Condition," I., 3.T7; "What English Labor Aimed At and What It Is Getting." II., 14.

BARR, William H., "A Constructive Immigration Policy," II., 403.

BELFAST, Ireland, fighting in, I., 67.

BELGIAN Cabinet, composition of, IL, M.

BELGIUM, rapid recovery of, II., 345;

stabilized conditions, II.. 534.
BELGIUM signs project of defensive alliance

with France, I., 72.
BELGIUM'S relations with" Holland, I., 425.
BERMUDA, Parliament 300 years old, I.,


BERNE Socialist Conference, IL, 37.

BESSARABIA given to Rumania, I., 434.

death of, IL, 229.

Biggest lUnn in the Philippines," I., 20.

BILLIONS spent for armaments. IL, 386.

Bismarck's Forbidden Volume, II., 286.

BLAIR, Emily Newell, " Women at the Con-
ventions," I. M.

Blue Laws in America, II., 371.

BOLIVIA, new Government recognized by
Great Britain, I., 108.

Bolshevism in its Present Aspects, I., 173.

Bolshevist Aims in Asia, II., 463.

Bolshevist Overtures to China, I., 47.

Bonuses Paid to Canadian Soldiers, I., 136.

BOY Scouts' "Jamboree," I.. 128.

BRAZIL reception to King and Queen of the
Belgians, I., 108.

BRAZIL signs trade agreement with Bel-
gium, II., 117; abrogates exile laws, II.,
130; financial troubles, II., 348.

BRIAND, Aristide, Premier of new French
Cabinet, II., 230.

BRIDGE. (Admiral Sir), Cyprian. "Amer-
ican and British Naval Preparations,"
IL, 377.

BRINE (Vice Admiral), "Shall We Scrap
Our Great Battleships?" H., 381.

British Communist Party, I., 48.

BRITISH Dominions, developments in, IL,

BRITISH East Africa under a new name.

I. , 25.

BRITISH Empire, conditions in, I., 411.
British in Central Asia, I., 510.
Biitish in Mesopotamia, IL, 511.
BRITISH labor problems, II., 14.
BRITISH Navy compared with those of

Japan and the United States, II.. 180.
BRITISH progress in Palestine, I., 97.
BRUSSELS Financial Conferences, I.. 471;

II. . 226.

BULGARIA and the League of Nations, IL,

Bulgaria Defies Moscow, II.. 334.

BULGARIAN comment on the attempted
assassination of Venlzelos, I., 81.

BULGARIAN experiments in labor conscrip-
tion and farm distribution, I., 44; com-
munal elections, I., 435.

Bulgaria's Hopes, II., 527.

Bulgaria's NoveL Methods of Reconstruction,
I.. 217.

BURKE, James A., "Australia's Laws
Against Asiatics," II., 459.


CALIFORNIA. U. S. battleship, in commis-
sion. II., 190.

California's Alien Land Law, II., 119.

CALIFORNIA'S attitude on the Japanese
question, I., 1.

Canada and the Treaty-Making Power, I..

Canada's Dispute Over Labrador, IL, 264.
Canada's National Status, I., 319.
Canada's Navy Developing, II., 312.

CANADA'S relation to Japanese Immigra-
tion. I., 2; freight rate increases, I., 61;
trade questions, I., 281; prohibition cam-
paign in. I., 415; restrictions on immi-
gration, IL, 91.

Canadian Political Conditions, II., 503.

CARPENTER, Frank W., work of, in the
Philippines, I., 20.

CARVAJAL, Francisco Henriquez y. " Amer-
ican Rule in Santo Domingo," IL, 395.

Cose of Emir Faisal, II., 249.

CAUCASUS, Red rule in, II.. 338.

CAUCASUS Republic, relations of, I., 244.

Causes of the Trouble in China, I., 54.

Cementing the Anglo-French Entente, II., 95.

Cementing the Russo-Polish Peace, II.. 78.

CENTRAL America, conditions in, I., 107.

CENTRAL America, unification of States,

I. , 291.

Central American Con/ederation, H., 115.

Central American Union, H., 541.

CENTRAL Europe, railroad pact of, 1.. 362.

CEYLON, self-government for, I.. 122.

CHEKREZI, C. A., "How Albania Won In-
dependence," I., 534.

CHILE, controversy over Presidential elec-
tion, I., 109.

Chile's First Middle-Class President, I., 397.

CHINA. Bolshevist overtures to, I., 47; prob-
lem of soldiers' pay, I., 54; overthrow of
the Anfu party, I., 103; terrible famine
in, IL, 110, 329; consortium note to, II.,

CHINESE Army, fighting qualities of, I., 55.

CHINESE exclusion act enacted In 1882, I., 1.

COAL, profiteering in, I., 371.

COAL wage dispute, IL, 23.

COBB, John H., "Alaska's Past and Pres-
ent," II.. 433.

COLBY (Secretary), Bainbridge, official visit
to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, II..

COLBY, Elbiidge. "American Powers In

Panama," II., 449.
COLLEGE education bonus, I., 37.
COMMUNISM in Great Britain, I., 48.
COMMUNIST dictatorship in Italy, I., 15.
Communist Plots in Czechoslovakia, IL, 236.
CONSCIENTIOUS objectors released, II..


Conflict in Ireland, IL, 307.
Conservative Friend in Scandinavia, I., 425.
Consortium Note to China, IL, 507.
Constantine Again King of Greece, IL, 318.
CONSTANTINE of Greece recalled to the

throne. II., 59.
Consfitieffcma! Tendencies in Latin America,

II. , 256.

Constructive Immigration Policy, II., 405.
COSTA Rica adopts universal suffrage, I.,

Countries of Southeastern Europe, II., 64.

Crime in America, II., 128.

Crimean Tragedy, The, IL, M.

CUBA, coalition of Conservative and Popular

Parties, I., 110.
CUBA, financial conditions in, II.. 116.
CUBA elects Zayas as President, I.. 465.
Cuba, Haiti, Santo Domingo, II., 350.
CURIE, Mme. Sklodowski, discoverer of

radium, I., 35.
Curing Cancer with Radium, I., M.
Current History in Brief, I., Ill; I., 487.

CURZON (Lord). "The British in Central
Asia." I.. 510.

CZECHOSLOVAKIA, resignation of the
Tusar Cabinet, I.. 247.

CZECHOSLOVAKIA joins with Rumania and
Jugoslavia in forming the 'Little En-
tente." I., M; Irritation at Hungarian
Intrigues. I.. 437; race riots, IL, 107;
communist plots, II., 236.
•:.•';« and Rasputin, I., 153.
CZAR'S family, murder of, I., 177.


Dangerous Unrest in India, I., 418.

ratio > Adventure Ended, IL, 219.

DANUBE, internationalization of, I., 538.

Dead Who Lie at Gallipoli, IL, 413.

Drat* of General Lemon, I., MI.

DE LAROCHETTE. Louis Majerus, "A
Grand Duchess Who Lost Her Crown,"
IL, 147.

DENMARK, community and movement in,
I., 69; triumph of Conservative Party in.
I., 273; financial policy of, IL, 82.

DEPORTATION of radicals, II., 194.

DESCHANEL. Paul, succeeded as President
of France by Millerand, I., 263.

Desperate Situation of Austria, II., 234.

DICKENS landmark, passing of, IL, 300.

Dividing the Former Turkish Empire, I., 441.

DUGGAN, Stephen P., "Syria and Its Tan-
gled Problems," IL, 238.

nilRALUMINUM. the airplane metal, I.. 32.


EARTHQUAKE shocks In Italy, I., 67.
ECUADOR. inauguration of President

Tamayo, I., 109.
EDMONDS. W. L., "Canada and the

Treaty-Making Power,'), 467; "Canada's

Dispute Over Labrador," IL, 264.
EGYPT, Independence promised to, I., M.
EGYPT, prosperous agricultural conditions.

I., 282.
EGYPT, report of the Milner Commission,

II., 92.

EMIR Felsal, case of, Ii.. 249.
ENEMY warships, fate of, II., 272.
ENGLAND, conditions in. I.. 59.
England Facing Hard Times, II., 310.
ENGLAND, labor agitation In, I., 277.
Ktigland'.i Problem of the Unemployed, II..


England's Unemployment Crisis, IL, MN.
Era of Prosperity in Latin America, I., 289.
ESTHONIA, Bolshevist propaganda in, I., 92.
Event* in the West Indies, I., 465.
EX-KAISER'S private fortune, IL, 83.
EXPLOSION In Wall Street, I., 40.

FACTORIES seized by Italian workmen, I.,


Famine and Corruption in China, II.. 110.
Famine and Strife in China, I., 458.
FAMINE in India, II., 314.
FARM distribution in Bulgaria, I., 44.
FARWELL. C. W., "The Biggest Man in

the Philippines," I., 20.
Fate of the Enemy Warships, IL, 272.
Fate of the Wooden Ships, I., M.
Feeding Hungry Europe, I., 332.
Fighting in Smyrna and Syria, IL, 511.

Filipino Independence and Mora Domination,

11., 441.

Financial Condition of France, II.. 58.
Financial Conference at Brussels, I., 470.
FINLAND, treaty with Russia, Ir.. 472.
FINLAND'S relations with Russia, I.. 91.
FIRE, losses from, in the U. S., II.. 378.
First Wireless Message Around the World,

I.. 34.

FIRST woman Speaker, IL, 440.
FITE. Emerson D., "Germany's Losses In

America," II.. 286.
FIUME captured by Italian regular troops,

II., 219; its Independence agreed on by

Italy and Jugoslavia, I., 402.
Fourteen Wars Still Awaiting Peace, I., 114.
FRANCE and the Vatican, II., 95.
FRANCE, military strength, I., 573.
FRANCE, readjustments in, I., 420.
FRANCE, the indemnity issue in. II., 535.
France Under a New President, I., 263.
FRANCE, understanding with Hungary, I.,


FRANCE'S rapid recovery, I., 62.
!•'>! in li and Russian Revolutions, II., 149.
FRENCH Cabinet problems. II.. 230.
Friendly Relations with South America, II.,


GADE, John A.. "The Truth About Soviet

Russia," I.. 222. of the Turkish Nationals, II., 66.
GANDHI movement in India, I., 418; II., 93.
General Strike Fails in Norway, II., 342.
GENEVA, historic landmarks of, IL, 141.
GENEVA, Switzerland, Second International

Congress at, I., 50.
"GENTLEMEN'S Agreement," I., 2.
GEORGIA, isolated by reason of Bolshevist

successes in Armenia, IL, 73; IL, 338.
German Efforts at Treaty Fulfillment, I., 72.
German Progress in Treaty Fulfillment, I.,


German Shop Councils Law, I., 519.
GERMAN warships, fate of. II.. 272.
Germany Balk» at the Allied Indemnity

Terms, II., 530.

Germany's Economic Condition, I., 357.
Germanyjs Extravagance, IL, 102.
GERMANY'S lavish expenditures, I.. 359.
German!/'* Losses in America, II.. 266.
Germany's Reparation Efforts, IL, 226.
Germany's Reparation Problems, I., 428.
GOTTSCHALL, Alvin M., "Our Rule in

Santo Domingo," II., 212.
GOURAUD (General), dethrones Felsal In

Syria. II., 247.
Grand Duchess Who Lost Her Crown, II.,

GREAT Britain, see England, British Em-

Greatest Era in American Agriculture, I.,

GREECE, disorders in, on receipt of news
of the attempted assassination of Veni-
zelos, I., 82; mortal illness of King Alex-
ander, I., 251; recall of Constantine, IL,

Greece and Her Leaders, IL, 200.

Greece in Quest of a King, I., 438.

GREEK Independence, century of, II., 200.

GREEKS In Thrace, I., 42.

GUATEMALA chooses Herrera as President,
I.. 107.

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