Physico-theology, Or, A Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God from His Works of Creation: Being the Substance of Sixteen Sermons Preached in St. Mary-le-Bow Church, London, at the Honourable Mr. Boyle's Lectures, in the Years 1711, and 1712 : with Large Notes, and Many Curious Observations

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W. and J. Innys, 1720 - Natural history - 460 pages

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Page 437 - therefore the Lord thy God commanded thee to keep the Sabbath Day. That carnal, greedy People, fo bent upon Gain, without fuch a Precept, would have fcarce favoured their own Bodies, much lefs have had Mercy upon their poor
Page 432 - ye not me? faith the Lord: will ye not tremble at my Pre'fence', which have placed the Sand for the Bound of the Sea, by a perpetual Decree, that it cannot pafs
Page 305 - The Eye cannot fay unto the Hand) I have no need of thee: Nor again, the Head to the Feet,
Page 433 - Let them praife the Name of the Lord, for his Name alone is excellent > his Glory is above the Earth and Heavens,
Page 72 - agree, who are languifhing and dying in the feculent and grofler Air of great Towns, or even the warmer, and vaporous Air of the Valleys and Waters : But contrarywife, others languifli on the Hills, and grow lufty and ftrong in the warmer Air of the Valleys. So that this Opportunity of
Page 172 - Pfal xc. 10. this, I fay,) is manifeftly an Appointment of the fame infinite Lord that ruleth the World : For, by this Means, the peopled World is kept at a convenient Stay> neither too full, nor too empty. For if Men (the Generality of them, I mean) were to live now to
Page 170 - but not to over-charge the World. Thus the Balance of the animal World, is, throughout all Ages, kept even} and by a curious Harmony, and juft Proportion between the Increafe of all Animals, and the Length of their Lives, the World is through all Ages well
Page 270 - and in cutting of Stones, to fet them -, and in carving of Timber, to •work in all Manner of Workmanjhip. So the
Page 309 - according to any of the atheiftical Schemes, or any other Method than that of the infinite Lord of the World, this wife Variety would never have been: But Mens Faces would have been caft in the fame, or not a very different Mould, their Organs of Speech would have founded the fame, or not fo great a Variety of Notes
Page 171 - The Divine Providence doth not only appear in the Longevity of Man, immediately after the Creation and Flood; but alfo in their different Longevity at thofe two Times. Immediately after the Creation, when the World was to be peopled by one Man, and one Woman, the Age

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