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I have just ploughed through this book, which is heavy going from the moment you open it and are confronted by the obscure and whacky font and crude graphics. Then you have to grapple with the numerous typographic errors and a [deliberately?] stilted and ungrammatical style. The discussion of the 'matrix' really only starts about half way through the book at Chapter 4'Enigma in stone'. The mysterious piece of graffiti on the Rosslyn Chapel crypt wall gets analysed to death and results in half baked theories and speculation about its meaning, significance and purpose [if it ever had any].
Various elements of the analysis applied by the author do have a special appeal for me as I am interested in maps, navigation, astronomy, timekeeping and sundials. My own astronomy software package certainly confirmed the data on solstice sunrise & sunset azimuth readings for different latitudes...represented by the four 'lozenges' or 'diamonds'...take your pick on which name you prefer.
For my money [all 14.40 GBP] this book is a figment of the authors imagination and not worth the glossy paper it is printed on.

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