Radiation Exposure and Image Quality in X-ray Diagnostic Radiology: Physical Principles and Clinical Applications

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The largest contribution to radiation exposure to the population as a whole arises from diagnostic X-rays. Protecting the patient from radiation is a major aim of modern health policy, and an understanding of the relationship between radiation dose and image quality is of pivotal importance in optimising medical diagnostic radiology. In this volume the data provided for exploring these concerns are partly based on X-ray spectra, measured on diagnostic X-ray tube assemblies, and are supplemented by the results of measurements on phantoms and simulation calculations. The book also features a CD-ROM containing a comprehensive database in the form of Excel files: X-ray spectra for conventional diagnostics and mammography, interaction coefficients of the most important elements, compounds and mixtures, characteristics of the primary and the imaging radiation field, data from various anti-scatter grids, dosimetric data, which are needed for the evaluation of patient dose, and further helpful information.

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