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The Second Self, Twentieth Anniversary Edition: Computers and the Human Spirit

Sherry Turkle - 2005 - Computers - Limited preview
A new edition of the classic primer in the psychology of computation, with a new introduction, a new epilogue, and extensive notes added to the original text. In The Second Self, Sherry Turkle looks at the computer not as a "tool," but as part of ...

On the Internet

Hubert L. Dreyfus - 2009 - Science - No preview available
Drawing on a diverse array of thinkers from Plato to Kierkegaard, 'On The Internet' brings philosophical insight to the debate on how far the Internet can and cannot take us.

Cyberspace: First Steps

Michael Benedikt - 1992 - Computers - No preview available
this "virtual reality" is clearly both the strangest and most radically innovative of today's computer developments

Refabricating ARCHITECTURE: How Manufacturing Methodologies are Poised to ...

Stephen Kieran, James Timberlake - 2004 - Architecture - Snippet view
This thought-provoking book presents a compelling argument for moving architecture from a part-by-part, linear approach to an integrated one that brings together technology, materials, and production methods. Using examples from several ...

Digital Ground: Architecture, Pervasive Computing, and Environmental Knowing

Malcolm McCullough - 2004 - Architecture - No preview available
The young field of interaction design reflects not only how people deal with machine interfaces but also how people deal with each other in situations where interactivity has become ambient. It shifts previously utilitarian digital design ...

Architecture, Technology, and Process

Chris Abel - 2004 - Architecture - No preview available
This new selection of essays follows Chris Abel's previous best selling collection, Architecture and Identity. Drawing upon a wide range of knowledge and disciplines, the author argues that, underlying technological changes in the process of ...

The Virtual Dimension: Architecture, Representation, and Crash Culture

John Beckmann - 1998 - Architecture - Limited preview
"The Virtual Dimension critically examines the role that digital and immersive technologies have on the methods used by architects, designers, and artists to conceptualize and represent both real and virtual spaces. Interdisciplinary in nature ...

War in the Age of the Intelligent Machines

1991 - Philosophy - No preview available
Much more than a history of warfare, DeLanda's account is an unprecedented philosophical and historical reflection on the changing forms through which human bodies and materials are combined, organized, deployed, and made effective.


Benjamin Aranda, Chris Lasch - 2007 - Architecture - Limited preview
The latest instalment in the renowned Pamphlet Architecture series features the technologically progressive young firm Aranda/Lasch, illustrating their use of advanced computational methods and algorithmic code in architectural design. Tooling is ...

Spatial Intelligence: New Futures for Architecture

Leon van Schaik - 2008 - Architecture - No preview available
The book is organised into three distinct sections that in turn highlight the significance of spatial intelligence for architecture: the first section provides an overview of spatial intelligence as a human capability; the second section argues ...