Streptomyces: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

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Paul Dyson
Horizon Scientific Press, 2011 - Science - 257 pages

Streptomycetes are unusually complex bacteria that are abundant in soil. They grow as branching filaments and form chains of spores. Most importantly, they have an extraordinary ability to make antibiotics, for which they are the main industrial source, as well as other metabolites with medicinal properties. In recent years, the search for new antibiotics and other drugs in streptomycetes has been augmented by genomic studies, genome mining, and new biotechnological approaches. With contributions from some of the leading scientists in the field, this book documents recent research and development in streptomycetes genomics, physiology, and metabolism. With a focus on biotechnology and genomics, the book provides an excellent source of up-to-date information. Topics include: genome architecture * conjugative genetic elements * differentiation * protein secretion * central carbon metabolic pathways * regulation of nitrogen assimilation * phosphate control of metabolism * gamma-butyrolactones and their role in antibiotic regulation * clavulanic acid and clavams * genome-guided exploration * gene clusters for bioactive natural products * genomics of cytochromes p450. The book is essential reading for research scientists, biotechnologists, graduate students, and other professionals involved in streptomycetes research, antibiotic and antimicrobial development, drug discovery, soil microbiology and related fields. It is a recommended text for all microbiology laboratories.


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A very useful tool. It is highly detailed. I used this as a part of my final year project and it helped me understand the bacteria more by being able to link the genetic features to the biochemical pathways and physical properties. For a second i stepped into the life of Streptomyces.

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very knowledgeable, intuitive book.


Streptomyces Conjugative Genetic Elements
the Properties and Programming
Protein Secretion in Streptomyces
Central Carbon Metabolic Pathways in Streptomyces
Regulation of Nitrogen Assimilation in Streptomycetes and Other
γButyrolactones and their Role in Antibiotic Regulation
Clavulanic Acid and Clavams Biosynthesis and Regulation
Genomeguided Exploration of Streptomyces ambofaciens
Gene Clusters for Bioactive Natural Products in Actinomycetes
Genomics of Streptomyces Cytochromes P450

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